Stem & Knees

We as the Oarlock & Sail Wooden Boat Club board members are working on communicating more with the rest of our club members. Please watch your email for some upcoming info on how you can get more involved, and be informed about upcoming work at the shop.

Work on the Acorn is progressing nicely – today she had her outer stem installed, and some templates cut for her stern knees and breasthook.

Before that, the boat got an oil bath, and then all ribs rivetted in place.

A couple of weeks ago, we modified a sail cover to fit Button Swan – we added a bit to an existing one that wasn’t quite long enough for that long boom. Thanks Tom for the use of your sewing machine, heat knife (which cuts the material so nicely!) and your expertise. A bunch of members got to try their hand at sewing, and we got a great new cover!

Meanwhile, the boats are giving much enjoyment to OSBUG members!

Hope to see you at the shop sometime!