Upcoming Workshop/Seminar on Woodworking Planes


One of our club members will be conducting a short workshop/seminar on woodworking planes – types, techniques & tips, on Saturday Dec 9th, at 1 pm at the floating workshop.  The workshop will be free and all OLAS and Museum members are invited to attend.

Let there be light

We got the new window glass installed, and it’s nice and bright in the shed again!!

Inspired by the new light, we also made some changes inside.  The shed has been listing towards the back a bit lately, so we moved some weight to the front, which, along with the window bars has helped quite a bit.  There had been some rain coming in at the top of and between the doors, so we blocked some of that with strips of wood – that made a huge difference in blocking the wind as well – it got nice and cozy!  And we turned the Fancy Pram on its side, allowing more light to spread in the shed, provides some storage for rudders and centerboards in the boat, and we built a bit of a bench/shelf above the boat.  In the space where the boat used to stand, we put up some clamp racks for much easier access.

Meanwhile, we also got some work done on the Button Swan (yes, it was a nicely productive day!).  We got the in-wales fitted (we were happier than it appears), more work done on the rudder, and got the mast step mostly fitted.

All in all, another great day at our little floating shed at Vancouver Maritime Museum’s Heritage Harbour!

2017-11-25 15.33.37 (Large)

Button Swan Rudder

The rudder for the boat was started on Saturday.  Arnt had milled and glued up the stock for it (thanks Arnt!), and Brent got the drawing transferred and cut out.  We then worked on tapering the rudder – it was a lot of wood to remove by plane, but a few of us took turns, and got it done.  The pile of shavings grew a lot! (and smelled great)

Other work included laying out the pattern for floor boards and beginning to fit and shape the in-wales and out-wales.  We’ll need to steam them to fit the curve of the sheer, and hope to get that done this Saturday.

The Sam Mc got her rig checked in preparation for sale, and a couple of minor repairs looked after.  Hope we can find a suitable home for that lovely boat!