New pilings at the dock

Last week, 3 of the piles at the dock got replaced, as they were in bad shape. Thanks Duane for recording the action, and compiling this video!

Last week a couple more planks got steamed and bent in place on the Auk project. This week they were further fitted and the gains were cut.

Enke is getting closer to having her new floorboards in place – the black locust cleats are looking gorgeous with a coat of oil – too bad they’ll be out of sight!

When the tide is low, and the breeze calls, we do what we need to to get the boats out! With some help, Arnt and his friend were able to get out to enjoy one more sail before he leaves town for a while.

During the piling replacement, the boats were moved around to give the crew access, and North Star ended up next to Providence – they look so good together! At the museum, they’re using proper nautical measurements for physical distancing.

Due to the pandemic, the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival is going virtual – they’ll be showing a series of films, presentations and demos, including the premier of the Race to Alaska movie. Head over to for details and tickets. They’re also inviting submissions of boat or shop tours – hmm, do we show our stuff??

Hope you’re enjoying your summer – come on down to the dock on a Saturday to see what we’re up to!