October update

October has been REALLY good for sailing – there were a few days of great wind, and not too cold, as well as a few light-wind days, with all three of our sailboats plus Dale in his SCAMP. Always nice to be out there in a group!

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a bunch of new members over the last few months, and promptly put them to work, scrubbing Vogler, helping make a new cover for her, and of course, getting out and enjoying our boats!

Ongoing maintenance also includes new oar leathers, and some rigging adjustments on Ragna, swapping the halyard and downhaul sides, for easier rigging.

Vogler has joined the Auk in the shed, for a new coat of paint. Nice and cozy in there! The Auk is progressing, with a couple of challenges – one of the planks split at the stem, then was glued together, but the next week we found that the glue wasn’t up to the task. We ended up removing it completely, cleaning off the sealant, and preparing a new plank. Not the kind of work we want to be doing, but that’s the nature of wood – sometimes it just doesn’t work out the first time.

We get the occasional donation of tools at the shed – last week we were pleased to receive a nice set of Forstner drill bits, a combination square, a caulking iron, and a couple of riveting blocks – thank you!

A few videos to share:

Duane has done a video of our Heritage Harbour Classic race:

as well as another in his series of ‘life at the harbour’:

Vern shared this one, part of a series on Off Center Harbor:

And I recently came across this short video of making an oar:

Happy sailing!